Buckswood School: 1-3 May


Our staying at Buckswood School is getting better every day. By the way, we have two groups now: Barcelona and People Z. Each group attends separate classes of Mr. Campbell, Mr. Peek, Mr. Felipe. They teach us how to speak good English, write, create stories and shoot videos that are based on our stories. If you believe in ghosts then Hertzmonceux castle is place to visit. Rumors have it that at least 2 ghost haunted this castle. Herstmonceux Castle is a brick-built castle, dating from the 15th century. This place has gone through so many historical events that it’s hard to imagine. In 1994, after intensive renovations, the Queen’s International Study Centre was opened. It hosts primarily undergraduate students studying arts or commerce. After having excursion in the castle we visited Science Observatory where we had a chance to see huge telescopes and learn how they work. The day ended up with zubmba dancing...

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