Daniel Frolkin’s Presentation for Ninth Grade Students


Welcoming our former students at the school has become a nice tradition. This time, following in Olga Krasnenkova’s footsteps, it was Daniel Frolkin, currently a student of Oundle School, England, who made a great presentation sharing his experiences of British education and giving the 9th grade students valuable advice on how to succeed in a new system of education. Daniel talked about curriculum and academic choices students have, discipline issues, homework expectations, sports facilities and extracurricular activities available on campus as well as particular school traditions. He also stressed the importance of active participation in academic contests and activities while in Russia. Daniel himself is a prizewinner of all-Russia English Olympiad in 2016 and 2017, so his achievements are definitely inspiring for all the students. We kindly thank Daniel for his outstanding contribution to our academic life and hope to see him again soon with more talks on student life overseas.