Board games party


What do kids love? Games, of course! Keeping that in mind, the Department of Foreign Languages decided to treat our 7th-graders to aBoard Game Party. This exciting event took place on the 21st of November in the Аssembly Hall.

We had five games and five groups, so each group had twelve minutes todive into a game and enjoy. Bananagrams, English championship, Apples to Apples, Alias and Whoonu was our choice for that event. However, westill have more in stock to continue playing in class. 
Every game should have a winner, so did ours. After two lessons of fun, itwas time to count the overall score for all the games, and to announce the lucky winners. They were Sonya Vasilyeva, Polina Mikhaylova, Skvortsov Nikita, Alex Cherenkov and Beltyukova Maria. The champions were awarded a board game each to bring home. 
The Department of Foreign Languages would like to express their thanks tothe kids who were remarkably well-behaved and to school administration who provided the prizes. 
Here are just some of the opinions of the participants:

On Tuesday we had a Board game party. It was really good when I realised that we had two lessons together with other groups. In the beginning I already knew that I wouldn’t win. It was more interesting for me to play and earn points, so I started to be very active and focused on the event. First three games were the best to earn points and last two were the worst ones. I was very unlucky because I had three best games first, so I couldn’t change my total score in the end. I didn’t earn a lot of points in the MrTheo’s game, so it was my mistake. But I really liked this game. I hope wewill have more events like this in the future. 

Shelyag Alexey

The best game was Whoonu. It was really cool to take part in this event. During the board games party, I found out interesting facts about myclassmates and some celebrities. 

Sasha Gracheva

It is hard to choose one favourite game, so I can say about three games: Apples to Apples, Whoonu and Bananagrams. Why did I like them? Ialways like the games where you can show your general knowledge and games connected with associating and matching. So that’s why I remember Bananagrams and Apples to Apples. Whoonu was just interesting and fascinating because now I know a little bit more than nothing about my classmates. When I was younger I didn’t like any board games. But now I really enjoy them. 

Vera Kalashnik 

The best games were Whoonu and Bananagrams where we could get the highest number of points. It was a great event where we could enjoy spending time playing board games with friends. Also, the board games were unusual and grapping. 

Oleg Evtushenko

In my opinion the best games were Whoonu and Bananagrams. First of all, I would like to say that the event was nicely organized. I was very pleased that our teachers tried to make it as fun and cool as possible. The games very interesting. Me and my friends were extremely happy to take part inthis awesome event. 

Nikita Skvortsov

I liked Bananagrams because of its easy and interesting rules. I actually learnt more words and practiced English a lot. Such and interesting, funny and amazing event can help you learn more! 

Polina Mikhaylova

A board game party took place on Tuesday. I really liked this competition. Itwas interesting and funny. It was cool that we could play each game a little. It’s a pity that there was too little time for each game. I liked a cards game where you have to describe a person. Also, I liked the game where you have to make up new words. It would be great if such competitions were held in the future.

Nika Kozlova

I liked those games a lot. They were funny and hazardous. We played five games and earned some points. At the end of the event we counted the total score each of us had. Five pupils from our class got interesting prizes.

Alice Enkova

I liked the party a lot. I had never played some of the games before. Something I didn’t like though. The 3rd place winner got 51 points and I had 50! That’s not fair! 

Karina Sagiryan

I enjoyed playing with Mr Theo and Mrs Alice. The games were really nice. It was a very interesting event and I had a lot of points.

Leonid Gurevich

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