Poetry Has No Boundaries


Once Kurt Vonnegut, 
an American writer and artist wrote,
«Go into the arts. I am not kidding....
Practicing an art is a way to make your soul grow.
Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio.
Tell stories. Write a poem.....
Do it as well as you possibly can.
You will get an enormous reward.
You will have created something.»

The 21st of December 2017 was a special day for the 8th graders. It was the climax point of the whole class project «Poetry Has No Boundaries» that was held in the Poetry Lounge format.
There are over 7 billion people on the earth. They live in different countries separated by borders, but there are things that have no boundaries. They are art, music and poetry.
Poetry has no boundaries. Poetry belongs to the whole world, a wonderful world. «WHAT a WONDERFUL WORLD!» was the theme of the Poetry Lounge.
The house was full. There were a lot of invited guests in the school assembly hall: the young reciters, the teachers of other subjects, the students’ parents, the Directors and Deputy Directors of our school.
What made the event unique was that the poems were recited in different languages and translated by the people of different ages.
As the theme of the Poetry Lounge was «WHAT a WONDERFUL WORLD!», the host of the Lounge invited Mr. Theo, who had the poem with the same title, to open the recitation part.
Then one by one the performers came up to the Poet’s Corner and recited the poems they had chosen.
There were a lot of surprises for the spectators — two video hellos from Marina Gennadievna, the teacher of German; Anna Simonovna, the teacher of Spanish; the inspiring translations of the poems by Natalia Olegovna, the teacher of Russian, Irina Vladimirovna, the Deputy Director of secondary school, Natalia Georgievna, the school phcyhologist and the emotional performances of Ms. Anastasia and Irina Borisovna, the teachers of English.
All reciters were presented with beautifully designed notepads that included five best translated poems.
All the participants and guests noted a very special atmosphere created in the Lounge.

This is what some students wrote about the event.
I loved the poetic event we had today. I was very excited to see my classmates and some teachers being so open and creative. The atmosphere we managed to keep for two lessons was very special and magical. It really made me believe that everyone is beautiful; you just need to see it.

Galina Prilipko

As a person who is interested in poetry and as a sensitive adolescent who tries to write poems herself, I really appreciated the opportunity to take part in such an event. Though I had a ton of stuff on my to do list every single day during the last month, I still did my best (and I sincerely hope you have noticed it) to get ready for the performance.
I would like to thank you again, for coming up with this idea to hold a poetry lounge and, obviously, for making this idea real.

Maria Zharakhovich

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