News asting ompetition


A news casting competition was held in the 7th grade. We had two team otherwise known as TV stations. Golden Section Broadcasting Corporation (GSBC) and News Flash. With input from teachers being only supervisory, two leaders known as bureau chiefs were chosen for each team and those leaders had the task of directing their teams as we chose News anchors, studio managers, correspondents, sports, business and weather reporters. The teams prepared materials on Golden section, local, national/regional, international, business and sports news. We also had a weather forecast section. The result of our efforts was on display on 24 April 2018. The TV stations had a live broadcast of the news items we prepared. We also had 2 more tasks to complete. We were shown a 3-minute video and had a short time to prepare a report so a correspondent would present it live and the final task was giving the meaning to words connected to journalism and making complex sentences using those words. News Flash won the broadcast competition while Oleg Yevtushenko and Nikita Skvortsov collected the News casting awards of the year. Congratulations to both teams for such an outstanding display.