Образовательная поездка в Англию. 2-5 мая


We are back with more news! We keep doing our best at studying different aspects of art. We have already learnt a lot of interesting things about Victorians, Romanticism and our favorite Medieval Times. Not only have we tried various drawing techniques but also we have assembled our own medieval castle and created papier-mache dragons to protect it!
On Thursday we had a wonderful walk on the Malvern Hills where we enjoyed a picturesque view of England and Wales. During our walk we met some friendly sheep and rabbits.
On Friday we had a traditional college bonfire night! We went to the forest to collect wood and then we made a fire ourselves. Also, we cooked yummy marshmallows on fire. A lot of academic students joined us and we had a great chance to interact with teenagers from different countries.
On Saturday we visited a typical English town of Worcester. We walked around the Severn, the biggest river in England, had an excursion around Worcester Cathedral, went to the top of it to enjoy a great view, had lunch on a boat and fed some swans. Did you know that all swans in England belong to the Queen? If you hurt a bird, you have to pay a huge fine!
That’s all for now! See you next time!

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