Glenalmond college, days 5-7


Glenalmond College is one of the oldest and most famous boarding schools in Scotland! Did you know that this school was founded in 1847? Since then a lot of famous people have been studying here!

As our journey continues, we are slowly getting used to things here in Glenalmond. Not only we are practicing English but we are also making new friends. The hardest thing for us is to stick to the house routines, we are still confusing the time of meals and roll calls. One time we even ended up missing our breakfast, but it’s all a part of a learning process. Every morning everyone goes to the chapel, it’s a must here. We also learn a lot there because every time one of the students or teachers makes a speech that makes us all think.
On Wednesday we visited Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities in Scotland! It has the most charming and picturesque views ever! We had an interesting excursion in the museum called Dynamic Earth. There we found out how our planet was born after the Big Bang. After that we wandered around Edinburgh Castle, visited some hidden rooms and dungeons there. At the end of the day we did a bit of shopping and bought some memorable souvenirs.