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The Favourite Colour celebration


Can we imagine the world without colours? Absolutely not! Nature itself has many colours which makes the world look beautiful. To celebrate these smiles of nature, Grade 1 students had The ‘Favourite Colour’ celebration which also turned into a wonderful learning activity.
To mark this day very special, students and the teachers were dressed in their favorite colours. Classes were decorated with colourful flags and hangings. Students actively participated in a "Show and Tell "activity. Each of them got an opportunity to speak about their favourite colour and make a collage. The students especially enjoyed scanning pictures for colour-related bloopers that the English teachers prepared in advance. After that, they had a Colour Mixing activity to explore, experiment, mix and have fun. Finally, there was a whole Fashion Show with the first-graders modelling and walking down the runway!
Overall, it was a fun and everlasting learning experience for the students.
Smiles on the faces can be seen from the attached pics.