Happy Easter!


‘Unusual and challenging’ would be the words to describe the English lesson our first-graders had last Thursday afternoon. As the bell went off the children were met by six Easter bunnies performed by our lovely English teachers. The Easter bunnies told there was a spell on the Easter tree and asked the children to help them break it. Having accepted the challenge, our little students headed for Easter-themed stations in small groups. They decorated Easter eggs, learnt a captivating Easter song, went fishing for words to mime at the ‘Eggspess Yourself’ station. They also took part in a traditional Easter Egg Relay where they had to race as fast as they could without an egg rolling off the spoon.
While being introduced to some Easter traditions typical of English — speaking countries, the kids participated in team-building activities, practised their listening comprehension, speaking and spelling skills. To crown it all, they helped the Easter Bunnies decorate the Easter tree with lovely eggs and got delicious presents for their work!

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