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This Tuesday a miracle happened — our English teachers turned into Easter bunnies! They had a special mission  to help our kids from center 1 gather Easter eggs and decorate the magical tree for Mr Bunny. To get the Easter eggs, kids took part in different activities. First graders had a chance to become artists at ‘Easter Egg Decorating’. They took part in a traditional Easter Egg Relay competition where they were faster than Easter bunnies trying to carry eggs in a spoon without dropping them. Have you ever heard of Easter fishing? Well, our kids caught plenty of spring words and mimed them at the Eggspress yourself station. Also, children went on an egg hunt looking for eggs and hiding them at the Egg-citing Alphabet station. Finally, our little bunnies performed an Easter bunny song with a special dance. Having completed the mission, the kids were rewarded with their favourite kind of eggs  chocolate ones!