Career Day


What is the goal of education in the 21st century? It is to prepare children for their future! We believe, that nothing brings this reality home more than having a Career Day at our school! Pupils of both centre 3 and 4 were introduced to a variety of careers last week! We appreciate the help of parents who took part in this important and engaging event! Our pupils learned about such diverse careers as a volunteer (in Arts), a biologist-toxicologist, a psychologist, a graphic designer, a helicopter pilot, a journalist and a farmer! Alternating between the speakers,the students had a chance to learn to use a microscope, to touch some examples of graphic design, they had an online tour to a psychologist workspace, learnt about a helicopter engine, saw the cutest little farm animals and learned about a brand-new book format for the 21st century! All the activities excited and engaged our students! Thank you, dear speakers!

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