The Magic of Hogwarts at the Golden Section School


Students had no idea when they came to school on Monday morning of what lay in store. They arrived to be greeted by Professor Quirrel (Mr Luke) and a freshly renovated school in the Hogwarts’ style straight out of the Harry Potter series.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. They were met by their professsors for the day in the main hall and given a quest to defeat He Who Must Not Be Named.

Instead of a single English lesson they were treated to numerous disciplines in their training to become witches and wizards. And who would teach them? Only Hogwarts’ finest professors!

Students had the chance to test their wits with Ms Umbridge’s (Ms Kate) Harry Potter test. Students took flight in a game of Quidditch with Ms Hooch (Ms Victoria). They made their own Hogwart’s ties with Professor Vector (Ms Helen)and Professor McGonogal (Ms Olga) in the Defence Against the Dark Art class. Professor Trelawney (Ms Tati) showed the brave muggles their fates in their Fortune Telling class. The students would put their scientific minds to the test with the Potions Teacher (Ms Dina).

As much fun as these lessons were, there was still serious business to undertake. Students were able to find and purify all the horcruxes and defeat the wretched He Who Must Not Be Named!

After the dust settled, students took home their new skills, lasting memories and even their own edible golden snitches. It was a magical day at the Golden Section and who knows? Maybe we might be visited by those clever professors and their magical powers again.

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