Paddington Book Day at Raduga School


No child can be found who doesn’t know about the cutest, funniest and most adorable brown bear — Paddington. So, last Wednesday the second graders eagerly took a challenge of cheering Paddington up as he was back to Peru, far from London, missing his favourite city.
The kids had a quest around the most memorable sights of London: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. They collected pieces of to-be-sent postcards that were meant to remind Paddington of his second home.
The students were able to make their own bookmarks with Big Ben on them, so they could always find the place in a book where they last stopped reading of Paddington’s adventures. They also learnt the colors of the Union Jack.
At the London Eye sight little adventurers got the tickets to a funfair where they were skipping the rope and learning a poem about the famous wheel.
The adventure continued at the Buckingham Palace station, where students helped Paddington to get dressed properly for visiting the Queen. Everybody knows how important it is to look sharp for an important event!
All in all, the mission was completed when 4 cute postcards-puzzles were collected and sent to Paddington to Darkest Peru, from Russia with love!