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The Favorite color celebration


There is plenty of English idioms like “out of the blue”, the green light, white lie, golden opportunity and so on. All of them prove colors have a special place in our perception of everything around. It’s a well-known fact that we get 80% of information through our sight. December 7th was all about pleasing the eye for our first graders! Everyone dressed up from head to toe in their favorite colors and everything was set up for the rainbow adventure! Do you know what is the result of mixing green and red? And what two colors give purple? Our students had a chance to find this out at the Coloring mixing station. The kids worked in pairs, mixing different colors to get a new one!

Is ketchup green? Is letter M in McDonalds logo pink? At another station- Whats wrong?- our attentive students were teachers. They detected and corrected all the color mistakes in the pictures. The last but not the least station was created to give the kids a chance to be artists! They made beautiful collages with their favorite color, decorating and drawing whatever they like. Our celebration ended with a real fashion show. The kids walked the runway with their collages and had a lot of fun!