Glenalmond college, days 8-11


On the weekend we visited two beautiful cities in Scotland — Dundee and Stirling.

On Saturday we came to the RRS Discovery Museum in Dundee to find out more about the tale of Scott and Shackleton and their brave crew and their magnificent adventure to the Antarctic in 1901. We explored the ship, tried on their юclothes and learned more about their daily routine. After that we went shopping in the huge mall and bought a lot of things. In the evening we popped in the cinema to watch the new Avengers movie Endgame. The final part was so gripping and spectacular that we couldn’t fall asleep for a long time that night!
On Sunday we went to Stirling to explore the famous castle there. We learned about the way of life of kings and queens, their leisure time and eating habits. The Castle is located in a really beautiful area on the top of the hill. You can actually feel the atmosphere of Medieval times there!
The timetable is quite tricky here, it changes every 7 days! A White Week started on Monday and this week we are studying new subjects as well! Since we were confused with this unusual timetable, we didn’t do our homework and got in trouble a few times. Eventually things are getting better! We have finally memorized the times of roll calls, lessons and breaks, the names of our teachers and the locations of the classrooms. Hopefully, we will do much better the second week!

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