Детский сад «Радуга»

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled seashells on the seashore...


Today, six teams from years 10 and 9 battled it out to take the top spot in the 2020 Golden Section High School pronunciation competition. Tensions were high and all participating students gave brilliant performances to dazzle in an attempt to take the top prizes. Teams competed in two separate rounds designed to show their pronunciation skills.

In the first round each team had to lip sync the script from a short video scene chosen from a popular television series or movie. Each clip and script was in English. Teams were judged on their pronunciation skills and ability to bring the scene to life. We saw clips from Frozen, Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, How to Marry a Millionaire and a comedy show clip called What’s my Name?

In the second round a representative from each team took part in a tongue twister battle. Teams were judged on their ability to clearly say the tongue twisters without mistakes as fast as possible. At the end of each twister one team was eliminated until after the fifth twister only one team remained, victorious.

The judges, who included two Native English speakers, two school directors, a year 11 student and a VIP representative from Macmillan publishing, then deliberated and compiled their scores from both rounds. The winners were the team with the highest combined score.

Competition was fierce and the judges had a difficult job to declare winners, the scores were very close and all teams stood a chance to win first prize. Unfortunately the top prize could only go to one. Congratulations to all of our winners, results are as follows:
1st place “What’s your name?”: Maria Beltyukova, Sonya Vasilyeva, Faina Pasternak, Oleg Evtushenko, Nikita Skvortsov (9th grade)
2nd place “Big Bang Theory”:
Vladimir Snytko, George Khandruev (10th grade)
3rd place: “Frozen”:
Daniel Lobanov, Grigory Popelnyukhov, Maxim Solovev (10th grade)
Special prizes: Oleg Evtushenko, Gregory Popelnyukhov, Maria Pozdneeva.

All participants received vouchers from Macmillan and a certificate entitling them to an academic “5” during the year. A big thanks to all the hard work from the students who took part, our event organisers in the English Teaching faculty and a special thanks to Anna Berest of Macmillan Education.