General Knowledge Quiz


In the early periods of Monday morning the 5th grade were graced with a fun ‘hands on’ lesson taking the format of a quiz. The activity pitted mixed ability teams against questions from a diverse range of topics. The students were divided evenly into six teams; Shark, Fish, Boys and Girls, I don’t know, Capitoliki, and Doducks.

Orchestrated excellently by miss Lena and miss Tatiana, the quiz was a hit as soon as it started going.

The middle school’s newest year group impressed throughout the competition, in both articulation and all round general knowledge. On paper, the the questions looked demanding, but on the day most of the teams overcame any challenge put in front of them. Even Mr Theo’s attempt to slow them down with with a barrage of arduous riddles was swatted away with ease. In the end, despite
a gallant effort from all the teams, team ‘fish’ ran out, deservedly, as winners.

It needs to be noted that that the audacity and flamboyancy of the teams, and their answers, created a perfect environment for learning and fun. This energy was reflected in the faces of the teachers present, making the morning an entirely enjoyable display for both competitor and spectator.

In the wider context, the quiz was an excellent opportunity to show off the English skills of the 5th grade, easing them into their new educational environment while outlining the vision that Golden Section has for the year ahead.