The Donkeys and the Elephants


The eighth grade Republicans beat the Democrats in the narrowest of margins in a hard fought and thrilling encounter at Golden section school. The former of the two parties cementing their place in Golden Section history by courtesy of a single vote.

Five candidates from each side were given a three-minute period to put forward and persuade the crowd of their party’s ideology. The topics that each party had to argue for were; Equality, the role of the government, free speech, immigration, and the rights of minorities.

The left learning Democrats were the first to open the points scoring and were alternatively followed by their rival party member on the same topic. The candidates were allowed to ask one question to each other after their initial points and then opened up the floor to members of the audience.

In a highly contested debate, rife with quality, both sides made excellent points and articulated themselves with precision and clarity. The level and sophistication of English on show during the debate was impressive enough to convince any spectator that the students of the eighth grade could give any politician a run for their money.

Surprisingly, although the republicans won, it was three democrats who the judges awarded the three highest marks to. Timur Balatiev, Nastya Odintsova and Malika Adylova all stole the show with their brilliant arguments and charismatic performances. On top of this, the man behind the scenes, Rodion Anatolyevich, should be acknowledged for making such an interesting debate a reality. From top to bottom, student to organizer, Democrat to Republican, it was a highly inspiring affair from start to finish, and one that will live long in the minds of Golden Section.

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