Poetry Lounge


The 8th grade of Golden Section showed off their brilliance again on Friday the 2nd of April. The event was a poetry reading relating to student’s hobbies, or more poetically put, their metaphysical hobby horse.

Each student prepared two poems, one in English and one in Russian, which they had diligently practiced and rehearsed in class under the tutelage of their respective English teachers. This event had been the accumulation of a month of dedication and planning and it did not disappoint in the slightest.

The students were ecstatic to perform in front of their peers, the school hierarchy, and parents. It is safe to say that everyone was incredibly impressed. As a year group, their articulation, clarity, and charisma were outstanding. On top of this, the students dressed to impress, either in elegant jackets and dresses, or in outfits that best represented their poem’s hobbies. On display were frenzied footballer, graceful gymnasts, and zealous book lovers.

It wasn’t just the students that got involved, the finale of the show was merited by other members of staff that embellished the audience with poems. Poems in English, Spanish, French, and Russian highlighted just how linguistically blessed the faculty of the school were.
This masterpiece could not have been orchestrated without the determination and thoughtfulness of Irina Borisovna. Without her, the project would not have been nearly as perfect as it was, the students would not have been as inspired as they were, and the overall sophistication of the event would have lacked in quality.

Stefan Deryabin

I am Stefan Deryabin and I want to share my feelings about the Poetry Lounge we had on April 2, 2021.
I really liked the event. During the performance I had a glorious feeling of joy and admiration. It was surprising but I felt quite comfortable in front of my classmates, they are nice audience. However, I had some problems with translation and pronunciation. Personal thanks to my teacher of English, Irina Borisovna, who helped me a lot. Now I know how to write a quatrain, so when I write lyrics for a rap song, I’ll definitely remember Irina Borisovna.
I decided to choose football as a hobby because it is more than just a sport for me. It helps me in difficult moments. It was long time ago when I ‘fell in love with football’ and I can’t imagine my life without it.
If I were asked what I would like to change about this event, I would say ‘a place’. I mean it was not big enough but thanks to the teachers, who decorated the assembly hall, it was quite cozy. All in all the event was very cool and it will definitely stay in my memory forever.
Thanks to all people who contributed to the event!

Marina Danilicheva

The event was very good. It was interesting to listen to my classmates reciting the poems about their hobbies.
There were some difficulties during the preparation period but I managed them and practice made me better in English. The hardest thing was to rhyme the lines while translating. I think I can do it better now.

Daniil Vasilkovskiy

I certainly enjoyed the event. It was interesting to learn what my classmates’ and, certain, teachers’ hobbies are.
Learning the poem and trying to fit into the deadline were the difficulties I had to go through while preparing.
Apart from the problems, the event helped me expand my horizons.

Matthew Svirin

I liked this event because I heard a lot of beautiful poems. It was interesting to learn what my classmates’ hobbies are.
On the plus side, I developed my artistic recitation skills. However, while preparing for the event I had problems with pronunciation of some words. So I had to practise hard and as a result I received a round of applause.
I chose the poem about football as, I am sure, it is the right sport for boys and men. I play it every day because I can’t live without it.

Egor Bogdanov

For me this format was new. I liked the Poetry Lounge a lot. Everyone was enthusiastic and recited artistically.

I love Russian poetry very much but I’ve never been really interested in the English one. Before that event...

While preparing the poem for recitation I couldn’t stop admiring the beauty of the English language. I chose the poem «The Explorer» by Rudyard Kipling. The poem tells the story of a man discovering a new land. But I think the main message in the poem is stepping out of your comfort zone. A good example of it is this part

Yes, your «never-never country» —
yes, your «edge of cultivation»
And «no sense in going further» —

till I crossed the range to see.

I think that most explorers are motivated by a sense of curiosity — a need to know what lies beyond. Beyond the ridge. Behind the ranges.

The most surprising for me at the Poetry Lounge was a poem «Travel» by Robert Louis Stevenson recited and translated by Daniel Vasilkovskiy. The Russian version of it was music to my ears.

As for difficulties I had to overcome were rhyming words and perfecting intonation. But it was a very interesting experience for me. I was trying to improve some special skills like finding rhymes.

Thanks for a very special atmosphere I felt like being in a house somewhere in Susex, England.

Thank you for the great event that will stay in my memory for long!

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