The Case of Nastya Odintsova vs Golden Section


The students of the 8th grade were graced on Wednesday by a riveting and memorizing performance. At 8.45 Wednesday 21st of April the case of Nastya Odintsova vs Golden section was afoot.
The scene had been set, Nastya had been accused of killing Miss Marina. Two teams, the defense and the prosecution, fought tooth and nail against each other in order to either protect Nastya’s innocence or to prove her guilt.
The defense lawyers came out of the blocks flying, producing articulated interrogations, hoping to sway the opinions of the jury. As time went on both sets of lawyers were looking for a breakthrough and as the witnesses continued to come forward, both teams believed they had done enough to justify the result that they were aiming for.
Needless to say, there were outstanding displays from all the participants involved with the judge’s humor standing out as a personal highlight.
In the end, the jury, who has diligently listened to every piece of evidence put forward, were persuaded by the arguments of the prosecution, thus condemning Nastya and leaving her to the mercy of the Judge’s hammer. It is hard to say if justice was done on that day but it was an enthralling performance regardless.

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