Основана в 1992 году
Частная школа «Золотое сечение»


Happy Easter


On Thursday the 21st of April, the 5th grade were treated to a wonderful and educational spectacle. A special event that paid tribute to the joyous occasion that graces everyone at this time of the year, that event, of course, is Easter. The time of year that represents the old turning into the new, and thus, there is no better way to show this than to treat the students of Golden section to Easter food and games. The school hall was divided into 6 different sections, which were hosted by a different English teacher. Like all of the events that golden section puts on this one blended fun and learning perfectly. The six stations were, spelling chains, Easter art, Easter talks, tongue twisters and Easter flipjack. The 5th graders completed challenges and used their English to talk about all things Easter. To put it lightly, the students were overjoyed to spend their time embracing the spirit of Easter and they are very much looking forward to the next event. Lastly, a special thanks needs to be given to Miss Yana for orchestrating such a brilliant and well thought out occasion.

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