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9th Grade English Exam


This examination evaluates students’ knowledge of English in two ways: in the first part, students must summarize a given text; and in the second, they must present a topic they have prepared in advance. This format tests students’ abilities to read and comprehend a variety of texts, and their ability to paraphrase language using proper grammatical structures and varied vocabulary. In addition, students must respond to follow-up questions about the prepared topic, revealing their ability to converse fluently.


There are 20 cards with two tasks on each. The first task requires students to read a text that is one page in length, focusing on general meaning, and then give a concise oral summary that is 5-6 sentences in length. The second task, however, should be well-prepared in advance, allowing students to demonstrate their monological skills on one of the chosen topics. Upon completion of their presentation, the student must then answer the examiner’s subsequent questions.

10th & 11th Grade English Exam: TOEFL

All TOEFL students will take the TOEFL ibt exam on April 24th, 2010. The exam consists of four sections: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The exam lasts approximately 4.5 hours.

11th Grade English Exam: ЕГЭ

All students will take the ЕГЭ exam in June. It will consist of reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. The exam will last for 160 minutes.