Основана в 1992 году
Частная школа «Золотое сечение»




All of a sudden building 45 has turned into Hogwarts! Magic was in the air: flying keys, crawling spiders, hiding dementors and inviting Coats of Arms of Hogwarts were there to support the magical vibe. Arrived on Monday morning, students were greeted by Professors and the sorting hat: students were excited to find out their faculty. But the excitement didn’t stop there. Their professors desperately needed the help of the young to defeat He Who Must Not be Named. To do so, students had to get the training of 5 magic disciplines: 

Quidditch with professor Hooch (ms Victoria) 

Quiz with Professor Umbridge (ms Kate) 

Potions with Professor Sprout (ms Mary and ms Diana) 

Fortune telling with professor Trelawney (ms Tati) 

Muggle Art with professor Pince (ms Pauline) 

The brave muggles managed to collect all the 5 horcruxes and destoy them! When the adventure came to end, students gained their new skills, precious memories and magical jelly beans with unexpected flavours.

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