Основана в 1992 году
Частная школа «Золотое сечение»




They say that the more you thank life, the more it gives you to be thankful for. In anticipation of one of the biggest American holidays -Thanksgiving — it was imperative to remind ourselves of what we ought to be thankful for. Therefore, we thought — what could be better than have the celebration! Last week the students of centres 3 and 4 did precisely that. They were given a chance to feel like Native Americans by shooting bows and arrows and going on a Turkey hunt. They completed numerous puzzles and games that taught them the holiday’s beginnings and traditions, and made thankful turkeys at a craft lesson to communicate their appreciation and love to the world. On the very Thanksgiving day, November 26, everyone was treated to a conventional Thanksgiving meal: some turkey, potatoes, veggies and a piece of a sweet pumpkin pie for dessert. We believe such events aren’t just fun and engaging times but they also convey useful knowledge in terms of foreign cultures and traditions.