Board Games Party


On Tuesday morning the 7th grade were gifted an exciting opportunity to test out their English skills in a brilliant, but unusual, fashion. The students were to undertake a board games morning.

The school hall was divided up by five tables, with each table having its own unique and challenging table top activity and game master. The children were to be given 15 minutes on each table and the 7th grader with the highest accumulation of points, at the end of the five rounds, would be victorious. The games were as follows: Banagrams, Apples to Apples, English Championship, Last word and Taboo.

It was a mesmerizing event in which the student’s enthusiasm and energy flooded the school hall. Although the diligence of all the students were applauded, three students in particular stood out. In third place was Sasha Solovyova, coming second was Nastya Mosolova, and the event was championed by Anna Nikulina.

Once again, and not for the last time this year, the event was a testament to the ethos that Z.S is fostering within the minds of its students.