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Wednesday, November 25, 2014 Our High School hosted a remarkable event. The students of all grades 9-11 had a great opportunity to be present at a meeting with an educator from HULT Business School who delivered a speech on the HULT Prize and ran a game based on its key ideas. 

Here is what the students have to say following this outstanding event:

It was an interesting experience for me. It was very difficult to decide how to invest one million dollars to help kids and even make money. When we study at university, we’ll have to do similar projects. Now we know how business may be amazing and how it can make people’s lives better.

Polina Kobzon, Grade 9

This seminar was very useful for me. I wasn’t interested in business, I thought it was boring. However, after the HULT presentation I’ve changed my mind. The most important thing in business is trying to make the world better, people’s lives better.

We were asked to develop a business idea that would solve the problem of early childhood education in the urban slum. My group offered to create a TV channel with programs for kids 0-6 years old.

I hope that we will have such seminars in the future.

Sonya Pimenova, Grade 9

I’ve never heard about HULT International Business School before. It was a useful experience for me to present some ideas to solve education problems for poor children in towns. HULT representative Ellina told us lots of interesting things about the HULT Prize in her presentation. Maybe I’ll work for this business school in the future. 

I hope there will be more seminars like this. 

Polina Zobnina, Grade 9

The seminar was really useful. I learnt a lot about HULT International Business School and the HULT Prize. The topic of our project was really challenging. Besides, we didn’t have a year to work at this project, we only had 30 minutes. Moreover, the students who enter the annual competition for the HULT Prize are 18-21 years old, and my classmates are just 14 or 15. So, it was more difficult for us. In the end, our team won and was awarded a prize.

After this seminar I’ve changed my mind about entering a business school. I would like to attend such events in the future.

Tim Roudiak, Grade 9

I really liked the presentation about the competition for the HULT Prize. It’s a competition for young businessmen who tackle serious social problems. The winners have to spend the Prize (one million dollars!) on the implementation of their project.

The best part of the presentation was the HULT Prize Simulation. We were asked to make a business plan that would solve the problem of primary education in poor areas of towns. Of course, our team won the prize for the best idea. However, I truly believe all the ideas were interesting.

This seminar has changed my attitude to business, and now I’m thinking of going to HULT International Business School. I really want to attend events like this in the future.

Ermilov Alexander, Grade 9

On Wednesday guests from HULT International Business School gave a presentation about the annual business competition for the HULT Prize. Then we had to do a very interesting task: to think about an educational program for children from the age of 0 to 6. Everyone was able to choose a team to work in. In my opinion, it’s very important to know how to work with people of different nationalities and characters in business. Our group had a lot of ideas about the given task. Finally, the teams presented their ideas, and it was really interesting to listen to them. Unfortunately, our team didn’t win the competition. Nevertheless, it was a very cognitive experience.

Fatima Kharsieva, Grade 9

On Wednesday a representative from HULT International Business School told us how they can help to start a new business project. I found it interesting because many young businessmen have problems with it. They don’t know where to get money for their start-up and how to carry out their project. I think HULT School is a real chance for young entrepreneurs to earn money and develop their projects. So if you are young, intelligent and full of ideas, go to HULT!

Andrey Novikov, Grade 9

At the last lesson we were given a presentation about HULT, a famous international business school. It’s great that this school has 5 campuses which are located in Boston, London, Dubai, San Francisco and Shanghai. So, you can go and study in HULT wherever you want. They offer MBA, Executive MBA, Master and Bachelor degree programs.

Then we were asked to come up with our own ideas how to solve education problems for children from 0 to 6 years old who are prevented from going to school. Our team decided to make a TV program for parents to give their children proper education. Moreover, we would design our own website and make a profit from advertising on it. 

Alisa Tsanava, Grade 9