Основана в 1992 году
Частная школа «Золотое сечение»


Patrick's Day


What March festivals do you know? Besides Women’s day and Pancake week there is also St. Patrick’s Day! That is why our 4th graders have learnt this week about Ireland and one of the most important Irish festivals.

What is more the kids had a special event where they had an opportunity to cooperate along with expressing themselves individually. Our students gained golden coins for accomplishing a number of exciting activities. They danced the jig dance, the Irish traditional dance, made personified leprechauns, pinned the hat to the leprechauns in turns, practised speaking and even had Jeopardy game where they demonstrated the knowledge of the topic.

The cherry on the cake was the auction where they could spend the earned coins to buy prizes. There, our students demonstrated cooperative skills joining the earned coins to get the prize. On top of that, each child got the home-made cookie shaped as a shamrock leaf to eat it at the snack time and the wish of good luck.