Основана в 1992 году
Частная школа «Золотое сечение»


Board Game Party


Miss Lena and the rest of the the English department inspired Golden Section’s 7th grade to an entertaining board games event on Thursday. The 7th grade, buoyed by events in their earlier years at the school, were totally enthralled by activities on show

The games, each lead by a different English teacher, were, Scattegories, Taboo, English Championship, Bananagrams, Apples to Apples and Last Word. English was spoken at all times ensure the contest was enjoyable but also educational, and new skills and knowledge were gained.

In a fiery and highly competitive game event, that saw the 7th grade produce moments of brilliance, eventual victors ran clear. Well done to Fedor, Savva, Sonya, and Max, you have done yourselves proud.

It keeps Golden section’s successful record intact, offering the perfect respite to the arduous test-filled week ahead, before the holiday break. It was clear that this event was well liked and well needed.

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