Glenalmond college, Days 1-4


After a really long and tiring journey we finally arrived at Glenalmond college in Scotland. What really impressed us here is the size of the school and its vast territory. The atmosphere is so Harry Potterish that you can easily imagine yourself being a student of Hogwarts here!

The rules are very strict. All students have to obey them, otherwise there is a detention! Although wearing uniform is quite a challenge for us now, dress code is a big deal here, so we have to put up with it!
Manners make the world go round in Glenalmond. Everyone is very friendly, polite and helpful! There is also a ‘buddy’ system at school, senior students are responsible for us. They show us the school, introduce the rules and routine, take us to the dining hall and lessons. They are our older brothers and sisters here.
This year we have an integration program where we have to emerge into local educational process. We attend the lessons together with Scottish pupils and study the same materials. We have already been to Geography, History, Maths, Music, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science, we even tried to learn a foreign language. Some of the lessons are easy, some of them are really challenging.
After lessons we go to different clubs and then do homework. It’s not easy to get out of a comfort zone and start interacting with other students but we’re doing our best!