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Sharing Experience


It is always a great pleasure to see our former students and graduates within the walls of The School again. On Friday (February 19, 2016) we took advantage of such a visit when Olga Krasnenkova met our 9th and 10th grade students.

Olga was among the brightest students when she studied at the Golden Section. One of her achievements worth mentioning was the Best Speaker Award at the Festival of Active Intellectual Research in the Lyceum «Stupeni» in 2014. After finishing her 9th year here she left for Ardingly College, West Sussex where she is currently studying for her GCSE (general certificate of secondary education). Her favourite subjects are Physics, Maths, History and Languages.

Olga’s study and school life in the UK became the subject of the meeting with her peers. But the first question they asked was how she had acquired such a flawless British accent! She gave a wise answer, I would say one of an adult: if you want to sound English, sound yourself and do not pretend to be or to sound someone you are not. Our students learnt about the way subjects are taught in English schools, about the significance of sport and extracurricular activities (with debates and public speaking among them!), about the exams and the importance of self-discipline. Olga mentioned that Ardingly College invites students from England and all over the world to experience and enjoy a three-week Easter school. A lot of questions were asked and no one remained indifferent!

The meeting turned out to be a very interesting and informative talk with important tips and useful recommendations for those students who are planning to study in Britain. Thank you, Olga!